Every year, we grant more than 80 scholarships, totaling $80,000, to young, amateur athletes.

  • Vaila Heinemann

    Vaila Heinemann

    Ski Team
  • Zack Staudenmayer

    Zack Staudenmayer

    Ski Team
  • Zachary Williams

    Zachary Williams

    Big Mountain
  • Tatum Akers

    Tatum Akers

    Ski Team
  • Tilden Wooley

    Tilden Wooley

    Snowboard Team
  • Tripp Boyer

    Tripp Boyer

  • Turner Drummond

    Turner Drummond

    Big Mountain
  • Tyne Beckwith

    Tyne Beckwith

    Ski Team
  • Nate Bromely

    Nate Bromely

    Snowboard Team
  • Preston Hoff

    Preston Hoff

    Big Mountain
  • Ross Tester

    Ross Tester

    Big Mountain
  • Ryan Flynn

    Ryan Flynn

    Race Team
  • Ryan Herhusky

    Ryan Herhusky

    Race Team
  • Ryland Lubin

    Ryland Lubin

    Big Mountain
  • Sheila Greeno

    Sheila Greeno

  • Soren Kraus

    Soren Kraus

    Snowboard Team
  • Susie Greeno

    Susie Greeno

    Ski Team
  • Lionel Pascal

    Lionel Pascal

    Free Style
  • Luca Robillard

    Luca Robillard

  • Maddie Welling

    Maddie Welling

    Ski Team
  • Marc Durant-Bender

    Marc Durant-Bender

    Ski Team
  • Markus Svedenheim

    Markus Svedenheim

  • Max Kay Welz

    Max Kay Welz

    Ski Team
  • Max Leins

    Max Leins

    Ski Team
  • Max Wingard

    Max Wingard

    Ski Team
  • Maya Kraus

    Maya Kraus

    Big Mountain
  • Maya Wong

    Maya Wong

    Ski Team
  • Gavin Weber

    Gavin Weber

    Ski Team
  • Georgia Birchall

    Georgia Birchall

    Ski Team
  • Georgia Edmondson

    Georgia Edmondson

    Ski Team
  • Henry Leins

    Henry Leins

    Ski Team
  • Jeremy Pascal

    Jeremy Pascal

    Big Mountain
  • Jillian Ferre

    Jillian Ferre

    Ski Team
  • Josh Birchall

    Josh Birchall

  • Julia Edmondson

    Julia Edmondson

    Ski Team
  • Kevin Caravelli

    Kevin Caravelli

    Ski Team
  • Lila Edmondson

    Lila Edmondson

    Ski Team
  • Cody Atwood

    Cody Atwood

    Big Mountain
  • Curtis Edmonds

    Curtis Edmonds

    Ski Team
  • Daniel Feldman

    Daniel Feldman

    Ski Team
  • Drew Wingard

    Drew Wingard

    Ski Team
  • Elsa Svedenheim

    Elsa Svedenheim

    Ski Team
  • Eric Bourke

    Eric Bourke

    Big Mountain
  • Alan Tester

    Alan Tester

    Big Mountain
  • Andrew Bourke

    Andrew Bourke

    Big Mountain
  • AJ Hurt

    AJ Hurt

    Race Team
  • Annika Pekarek

    Annika Pekarek

    Ski Team
  • Ava Pekarek

    Ava Pekarek

    Ski Team
  • Camila Jahchan

    Camila Jahchan

  • Cole Gardner

    Cole Gardner

    Big Mountain
  • Cole Matteson

    Cole Matteson

    Ski Team

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