We’re here to support YOU!

Palisades Tahoe’s rich competitive heritage spans decades and includes athletes who have competed in national, World Cup, and Olympic events. Alumni include Marco Sullivan, Tamara McKinney, Jonny Moseley, JT Holmes, Connery Lundin, Travis Ganong, Julia Mancuso, AJ Hurt, Keely Cashman, and Bryce Bennett — just to name a few. With PTCF providing support, the legacy remains strong. PTCF is a family-friendly community of athletes, athlete families, coaches, alumni, and staff with a love of snow sports.  Our primary goal is to provide financial, academic, and health and wellness support to YOU, the athletes on Team Palisades Tahoe.


Are you interested in a need- or merit-based scholarship? We are here to help! Each year, we grant pre-season need-based and in-season merit-based scholarships to Team Palisades Tahoe athletes. Scholarships are available for all of our ski and snowboard programs so whether you love alpine racing, big mountain/freeride, or freestyle, we can help you.

Academic Support

We aren’t just here to support you on the mountain.  PTCF  is proud to offer in-season academic support via our tutoring center.

Personal Development

As the sponsors of Team Palisades Tahoe’s speaker series, we support you in staying healthy, managing stress, setting goals, and many other wellness and training-related topics.


We are incredibly proud of all of the Team Palisades Tahoe athletes and want to celebrate you! If you have pictures and stats you want us to share, let us know by following and tagging us on Instagram or emailing us at results@ptcommunityfoundation.org. You might just be our next featured athlete!


Athletes, we need you! As a non-profit organization comprised entirely of volunteers, we can’t do it without you.  All scholarship applicants are expected to consistently volunteer at PTCF events each season in order to qualify for an athlete scholarship.  There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer for an event or get involved in other meaningful ways.