Partners supporting our athletes

PTCF is a family-friendly community of athletes, athlete families, coaches, alumni, and staff with a love of the mountains.  At PTCF, we strive to help athlete families navigate PT’s ski teams, foster parent connection, and get involved in our mountain-loving community.  We host many family-friendly events each season focused on providing support to our athletes.  There are countless ways both large and small for families to get involved.


Are you interested in a need- or merit-based scholarship for your athlete? We are here to help! Each year, we grant pre-season need-based and in-season merit-based scholarships to athletes on the Palisades Tahoe Teams. We know you want your athlete to put their best “boot” forward when applying. Please explore our scholarships page to learn more about what we are looking for. Please note, parents are strongly discouraged from completing the application for their athlete.  That said, there are many ways you can influence the outcome. Parent volunteerism is a critical component of our scholarship rubric.

Academic Support

We aren’t just here to support your athlete on the mountain. PTCF is proud to offer in-season academic support via our tutoring center.

Parent Support

Navigating ski team can be hard. Especially for new families.  We are here to help! Through our speaker series and tuning clinics, we provide families with some of the necessary resources to support your athletes on and off the mountain. Visit our events calendar to learn more about upcoming speakers and tuning clinics!  Interested in learning more about something, but don’t see an event that addresses this topic? Send us a suggestion for future events.

Parent Community

Let’s face it – it’s not as easy to meet your athlete’s teammates and their families on the mountain as it is on a soccer field. PTCF strives to create connection for team families through our regular social events. Interested in hosting a “friendraiser”? Learn more about ways to support us. Want to meet other families? Please visit our events calendar to learn more!


One gift to PTCF makes a lasting impact all year long. Together we can inspire lives and enrich our community.


Parents, we need you! As a non-profit organization comprised entirely of volunteers, we can’t do it without you. All scholarship applicant families are expected to consistently volunteer at PTCF events each season in order to qualify for an athlete scholarship. There are plenty of opportunities to join a committee, volunteer for an event, or get involved in other meaningful ways.

Parent Resources

We know we aren’t the only game in town. The following links take you to other scholarship opportunities that could supplement your athlete. (Note: we aren’t involved in these organizations but we know it takes a village to raise a snowsport athlete.)