Palisades Tahoe Community Foundation (PTCF) is a non-profit organization made up  entirely of volunteers dedicated to supporting young amateur athletes interested in developing skills in snow sports through their participation in a Palisades Tahoe ski or snowboard team.

PTCF provides financial assistance to team athletes and for continuing education programs for our coaches. Our goals are to provide accessibility to teams and high-level competition as well as enhance the quality of coaching, instruction and development of our athletes.

Join us in supporting the heritage of excellence and the passion this community shares for our unique ski culture and mountain at Palisades Tahoe which have produced accomplished athletes such as Jonny Mosley, Tamara McKinney, JT Holmes, Julia Mancuso, Marco Sullivan and Travis Ganong.


The Palisades Tahoe Community Foundation (PTCF) provides scholarships, education and advocacy to support our athletes, coaches and programs in the Palisades Tahoe community.

Our vision is to be the leading foundation supporting youth development in our community.  Specifically:

  • Becoming the #1 provider of snow sports athlete and coach scholarships and education
  • Establishing an endowment that will provide year-over-year operating income
  • Developing and funding programs that include comprehensive athlete education, community advocacy, and infrastructure
  • Partnering with education and sport organizations to promote best principles and practices to ensure athletes and teams enjoy a world-class snow sport experience


Palisades Tahoe Community Foundation (PTCF) originated in 2009 with left-over funds raised during an impromptu coach party at Alpine Meadows. Reem Saffouri’s son, who was on ski team, ask his mom for help. Reem put the funds to work creating Alpine Meadows Foundation and transformed a bank account into the Palisades Tahoe Community Foundation (PTCF) that we know today.

Reem was driven by her passion to help athletes with the high cost of pursuing their dreams and supporting coaches. In 2013, Palisades Tahoe Community Foundation (PTCF) was officially formed with an emphasis on good governance and a carefully crafted mission which is clearly evident in the growth and success in the foundation’s ability to serve the community.