Since its inception, PTCF has promoted access to snow sports by granting scholarships to athletes on the Palisades Tahoe ski and snowboard teams. For the 2022-2023 season, PTCF granted over $80,000 to more than 90 athletes to continue supporting this mission. As the foundation has evolved, PTCF has expanded its focus on scholarship to include continuing education for not only scholarship recipients, but also the broader Palisades Tahoe community through the development of a mid-week tutoring center in order to ensure that athletes maintain a high level of academic success during the season as well as an annual speaker series to discuss a broad array of topics including goal setting and equipment maintenance.

Athlete Scholarships

PTCF offers need- and merit-based scholarship to qualifying athletes participating on a Palisades Tahoe snow sports team.  The merit-based program provides financial assistance to young athletes who have a promising future in the sport, but struggle with access due to the high cost of participating in snow sports.  The merit-based scholarship program provides an award to athletes who are selected for qualifying regional, national and international championship events as a means of recognizing the accomplishments of those athletes as well as helping defray the cost of additional travel and registration fees that were not anticipated at the beginning of the season.

Cameron Cain Scholarship Fund

Cameron Cain passed away in 2021 at the age of 22.  Cameron was a Team Palisades Tahoe Mighty Mite and went on to be a Nor-Am racer and Palisades Tahoe coach.  Cameron was an incredible athlete with a contagious enthusiasm for skiing and the outdoors.

PTCF is accepting donations in his name that will be used to support deserving Team Palisades Tahoe alpine athletes pursuing success at the highest levels.

Tutoring Center

While PTCF strives to support the dreams of future Olympians and World Champions, we recognize that the majority of athletes on the Palisades Tahoe Teams will pursue careers outside of the sport and we promote the importance of education in each athlete’s development.  All of the hours spent training on and off the hill leave little time for studying and PTCF offers a mid-week tutoring center to help athletes stay focused on their academic pursuits and receive help on their studies at the base of Palisades Tahoe.

Speaker Series

PTCF hosts an annual speaker series throughout the winter to provide important educational presentations for the entire Palisades Tahoe community.  Speaking events are hosted in-person and virtually in order to allow a wide base of participation and target key areas of education from equipment care and goal setting to avalanche awareness and environmental education.  Through the annual speaker series, PTCF promotes a fun and safe experience on the mountain as well as a place to gather as a community and discuss key issues related to snow sports.