Each athlete that receives a PTCF scholarship is an ambassador for the organization and expected to present themself well in the Palisades Tahoe community and outside the community at competitions and other events.  As such, PTCF retains the right to revoke a scholarship award or otherwise prohibit application in a future season in connection with any disciplinary action imposed upon such athlete on or off the mountain as well as for any other actions that portray poorly upon PTCF.

In addition to meeting certain behavioral standards, each applicant is also expected to maintain a minimum GPA level of 3.0, subject to an exception for those athletes with learning disabilities, as specified on the application.  Failure to maintain the minimum academic standard can result in revocation of a scholarship award or a prohibition on applying in a future season.

Finally, athlete and family volunteerism at PTCF sponsored events is an expectation of all scholarship recipients.  As a non-profit organization, we rely heavily on volunteers to run our events and ask that each athlete participate in one to two volunteer opportunities throughout the year.  You can learn more about our volunteer opportunities by visiting the Volunteer page of our website.  Please note that volunteering for a competition as judge, gate keeper or another capacity, or otherwise volunteering for Palisades Tahoe does not count as volunteerism for PTCF.  You must sign up directly with PTCF for a volunteer opportunity to satisfy your volunteer requirement.