In addition to providing educational opportunities to athletes through our tutoring center, PTCF is committed to sponsoring an annual speaker series open to the entire Palisades Tahoe community in order to help promote a safe and fun environment on the mountain, as well as prompt discussion about important topics related to snow sports and our home.  PTCF hopes to cover topics like equipment care, goal setting, environmental education and avalanche awareness and is working hard to set up programming for the 2023-2024 season.  We would love to hear what you would like to learn about.  If you have any ideas of speakers or topics that you would like to see, please let us know!

Future speakers will be posted on our website as they are engaged. Please visit our events calendar to learn more!

2022-2023 Season – Dr. Dan Freigang

Dr. Dan FreigangDuring the 2022-2023 season, PTCF sponsored several discussions with Dr. Dan Freigang, a sport psychology consultant who for over a decade was the Head Sport Psychology consultant with the U.S. Alpine Ski Team.  His background started as an international level athlete and national team coach and today Dr. Dan combines his experience with sport science research, which has given him a unique and engaging presence whether for athletes, coaches or parents.  During his time at Palisades Tahoe, Dr. Dan met with athletes, coaches and parents to discuss goal setting and effective communication between athletes, coaches and parents with respect to those goals.  In addition to his visit to Palisades Tahoe, he also recorded a number of podcasts digging deeper into the topic of goal setting that he has allowed us to share with you here.  Please feel free to listen to the podcasts at your leisure!

Dr. Dan Freigang Goal Setting Podcasts

Episode #8 – How To Race Fast When It Counts The Most

Episode #7 – What To Do When A Negative Thought Sneaks In

Episode #6 – Mental Rehearsal

Episode #5 – Samurai Breath

Episode #4 – Dr. Dan The Mental Man Tell Us How We Really Get Better

Episode #3 – SMART Goals

Episode #2 – Are You The Boss Of Yourself?

Episode #1 – Gold Brain